Session 3: 

Lighting 101


1:24 Background on LED technology; 4 reasons why LEDs are powering big produce yields

3:07 Understanding PAR (Photo Synthetically Active Radiation)

5:13 Understanding the business decision to use LED lights

6:59 Increasing crop yields using LED lighting

9:56 Evaluating a lighting solution: things to keep in mind

10:52 Upfront costs – using the cost per watt yardstick

13:41 Understanding PPFD or the “form factor” of vertical lighting solutions

16:30 Warranty and Lifetime rating; replacement and depreciation costs

18:32 Additional factors – heating, cooling and humidity costs


Documents for review: 

Lighting Guide for Indoor Growers


Tasks to complete: 

 – Choose your lighting solution

Make sure to have this information going forward:

 – Wattage per light

– Price

– BTUs per hour