Session 1: 

Market Research


0:20 Intro to our hosts and an outline of the workshop

6:10 Intro to market research with an example from Localize Farms

7:30 Why we encourage you to develop your herb market

8:30 Seeds of Change; selling 50 lbs of basil/week to restaurants.

9:07 Off the Root Farm in North Side Chicago

9:35 Should I certify as Organic? How do I reach the best price for my product?

12:18 Should I ask for a purchase agreement? Or: How a pilot system can boost sales and minimize risk. 

14:21 Guide to Market Research and Buyer’s Intention Survey

16:20 Lean Startup Methodology

Additional Resources:

What is a feasibility analysis? (From Investopedia)

White Paper Indoor Crop Production; Feeding the Future from Newbean Capital and Local Roots

New Farmer’s Guide to Market Research (with Buyer’s Intention Survey)

ZipGrow Recommended Crop List

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Use coupon code farmboss

Starting farm sales with Ryan Sweeney

Should I certify organic?

Demand for Locally Grown

What produce managers look for

Brand consistency

Action Items: 

1.  Build a pilot system (recommended)

2.  Complete the buyer’s intentions survey with potential customers. (Bring samples if possible).

We recommend that you take a minimum of 1.5 hours to cover each workshop session. This includes a 20 minute video, a 20 minute PDF worksheet, and additional resources to better understand your local market. Obviously, market research will require more time invested. Feel free to work at your own pace and to revisit each session to strengthen your feasibility analysis.